New Recruits Accepted in:



Current Capacity

Please be advised that we are currently at capacity.  We currently have a wait list that we are working through.  Cadets or Parents who are interested in joining must follow the below link and complete the pre-registration to have your name added to the wait list.

Wait listed recruits will be contacted directly to setup appointments as space is available during the September and January recruiting sessions.

About Air Cadets

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a member of the Canadian Cadet Organization, which is the largest youth organization in Canada.  The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is the largest of the 3 programs offered with over 23,000 Air Cadets nation wide.

The first Air Cadet Squadrons were started in 1941 to train young men for the war.  Now, Air Cadets has evolved into the largest youth leadership program in Canada.  The program has aims of promoting leadership, citizenship and physical fitness while stimulating an interest in the air activities of the Canadian Forces.

Mandatory Training will happen on Tuesday nights, but there will be occasions that all cadets will have to attend mandatory functions outside of Mandatory Training Nights.  There are also a number od Optional Activities that Cadets may get involved with.

Air Cadets are given the opportunity to attend Summer Camps, which are 2-7 weeks in length.  Air Cadets are paid to attend camps and can even earn their Pilots License, free of charge.

Feel free to come by any Tuesday Night, 7PM-9PM September to June for a tour!

Why Join 767 Dearman RCACS?

With over 185 Cadets and a full compliment of Officers and Volunteers, 767 Dearman RCACS is constantly offering fun, educational and challenging opportunities to our cadets.  Our Officers and Staff bring a variety of skills to the table to offer the most amount Optional Training (Extra Circular Activities) than any other Squadron.  Optional Training is what sets 767 Dearman apart from the other Squadrons.

Our Senior Cadets are dedicated and hard working to ensure our cadets are well looked after.  They don’t feel like they are part of a team, but more like family.

Did you Know?  As an Air Cadet, you can receive up to 22 High School Credits!

New Cadet Registration

What should I know before applying?

All cadets are expected to attend on Mandatory Training Nights (Tuesdays).  While some absence are to be expected, Cadets must attend a minimum percentage to progress through their training and become eligible for rank promotion.

Cadets are also expected to attend Mandatory Support Activities.  These activities are: Gliding, Marksmanship (Range), Field Training Exercises (Survival Training), TAG Days (Fundraisers), Annual Ceremonial Review (Year End Parade), Community Service, Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day (Commemorative Parades).

All New Recruits must attend a Commanding Officers Briefing and the New Recruit Training Weekend.  These are both mandatory to be a member of 767 Dearman.  If a New Recruit is not able to attend, they must wait for the next recruiting period as the Mandatory Training that all New Recruits require is only delivered at the New Recruit Weekends.

Parents are also expected to attend cadets!  Parents must attend parents meetings on the first Tuesday of October, December, February and April!  These meetings happen during CO’s Parades, which will give parents the opportunity to also view the parade and watch cadets be promoted or receive awards.  Parents are also expected to volunteer to help with fundraisers and event support (cooking or driving).  The Sponsoring Committee will solicit for volunteers and have sign ups available during the parent meetings.

When can I apply?

We accept new recruits during the months of September and January.  We will be happy to hand out applications and show potential recruits around during other months, but enrollment is only processed during these two months.


How do I apply?

There are several steps to completing the enrollment process:

1) Make sure you have the Application Form (CF 1158)

2) Completely fill in the Application Form, which can be done at home or at the Squadron on a Tuesday night in September or January between 1900 and 2100 hrs (7pm to 9pm).  Please double check the calendar for exact recruiting dates available, and we strongly recommend that you arrive early (space can sometimes be limited due to the maximum number of cadets our facility can hold, and we allocate on a first-come first-serve basis)

3) Bring all the necessary documentation required for the enrollment process as detailed below.  Original documents must be provided at the time of registration.

What do I need to bring?

There are specific documents that are required in order to join the Cadet program.  The ORIGINAL documents must be presented at time of enrollment, copies will not be accepted, as follows:

1) BC Care Card or BC Services Card

(you may bring other proof of medical coverage if private coverage is available)

2) Proof of Citizenship (one of the following)

– Canadian Passport
– Canadian Birth Certificate
– Permanent Resident Card
– Citizenship Card

3) Photo Identification

This is only required if your Proof of Citizenship does not have a photo, and the photo must be issued from a Canadian source but does not need to be Government Issued (a School ID would be acceptable)

4) Custody Documentation

If there is a custody agreement in effect which involves the applicant(s), please bring a copy of that agreement for filing

5) Assessment Fees

The Assessment Fees are charged by the Sponsoring Committee.  The current fee structure is on the Sponsoring Committee Page.

Commanding Officers Briefing

The applicant(s) and at least one parent MUST be present for a MANDATORY Commanding Officer’s Briefing.

For the 2019 – 2020 training year, the briefing will be held on September 28, 2019 (8:00AM to 9:30AM) and on January 25, 2020 (8:00AM to 9:30AM).

The briefing will confirm:

– Your application(s) will be reviewed to ensure correct and complete information
– Your documentation is correct and complete with appropriate ID on file

The briefing will provide:

– Details on what to expect from the program in your first year
– Details on what will be expected from you during your first year
– Teams and activities available will be explained
– Summer camp opportunities will be explained
– Parents will get valuable information regarding expectations of parents within the program

New Recruit Training Weekend

The final step in becoming a member of the 767 Dearman Squadron is completing the New Recruit Training Weekend, which is a fun and energizing opportunity to get to know the other recruits!

This event takes place on the weekend following the Mandatory Recruit and Parent Briefing.  This weekend is MANDATORY for all recruits, and the recruits MUST participate in both days in order to be eligible to join the squadron.

This year, the weekends are held on:

SEPTEMBER RECRUITING:  28 and 29 September, 2019
JANUARY RECRUITING:      25 and 26 January, 2020

Things to remember about this weekend:

– Two separated days (cadets will go home for the evening)
– Breakfast will not be provided (eat at home, and limit dairy)
– Lunch will be provided on both days
– Dinner will not be provided (eat at home)
– Failure to participate in both full days will result in cancellation of your enrollment.  There are no exceptions.
– Training will include Team Building Activities, Uniform Care and Maintenance, Ceremonial Drill, General Cadet Knowledge, and Positive Social Relations for Youth.

I’m all done!  What now?

Once you’ve completed the recruiting process, you will be enrolled in the squadron as an Air Cadet Recruit!

Cadets will be expected to attend and participate actively in Tuesday Night training.

Cadets are required to participate in mandatory training events as they come up from time to time such as fundraising, community service, parades, field training exercises, etc.

Cadets may participate in optional training at their discretion, however, the more you get involved with, the more you will get out of the program!