About The Air Cadet Program

Also known as Canadian Cadet Organizations which includes the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, Royal Canadian Army Cadets and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, the Cadet Program is one of the largest federally-sponsored youth programs in Canada. Youth choose to join either the Sea, Army or Air Cadets.

It is a National program for all young Canadians aged 12 to 18 who are interested in participating in a variety of fun, challenging and rewarding activities whose purpose is to develop in youth the attributes of leadership, engaged and active citizenship and physical fitness, all within an environment that stimulates an interest in the Sea, Army and Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces. In no way are cadets required to join the Canadian Armed Forces after their time in the cadets.

History of 767 Dearman

First established in 1967 as 767 Whalley Squadron, 767 has been serving the Surrey area for 55 years!

Throughout the years 767 has been able to cement themselves as one of the oldest and top squadrons in British Columbia, bringing home many awards in the last 55 years; some of these include Top Band, Top Drill Team, and Top Shot just to name a few! 767 Whalley was changed to 767 Dearman as a commemoration for Lt Jacqueline Dearman who unfortunately passed away in a motor vehicle accident just before her position as the next Commanding Officer of 767 Whalley in 1981. She was the first female officer of 767 Whalley but also the first cadet in Canada to earn her Power Wings.  Our rich history shapes the present state of our squadron, with one of the most dynamic and hardworking staff in the lower mainland. Our experienced staff help shape the future youth of Canada to become competent leaders in the next chapter of their lives after they leave the cadet program.