The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is needed to help run our program at 767 Dearman Squadron.  There are two parts to the Committee: The Executives and the members, which are part of a non-profit society.  The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for raising funds, finding facilities and recruitment.  The funds raised are for the Squadron Activities not funded by DND, Squadron Teams, Squadron Bus, facility rentals, league fees for insurance, maintenance on our tow planes and gliders.

There are many ways you can give a little of you time, or a lot of your time.  The best part of being a part of the 767 Family is the lifelong friends your will make, and you get to see your child enjoy our program while being a part of it as well!  We will need help throughout the year for things such as:

  • Cadet Registration (Accepting fees & Paperwork)
  • Fund raising (Purdy’s, Fun Script, Tagging etc)
  • Driving for events (Carpooling, tagging)
  • Cooking (Must have food safe)
  • Mess Dinner set up or take down
  • Potlucks, Parties, Pizza Nights
  • Annual Ceremonial Review
  • And many more fun events and activities…..

In order to be around the cadets or to be able to drive other cadets besides your child, you must be screened. (This includes a criminal record check and VSS at your local police department.  Please print off the forms below if you’re interested to joining our team, and hand them into the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Membership Application

Volunteering & Registration Form

Please fill out the above forms and bring it in on September 13th for returning Parents and October 1st for new cadet Parents.  You can print them off at any time after that and still hand them in.

***We will be holding the yearly Annual General Meeting for the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Tuesday December 6th in the gym of Simon Cunningham Elementary 6:30-9:30 pm.  Please attend for information about the upcoming year and to watch how members can be voted in to become the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Member at large or members of the committee.***