Hello 767!

Its been a long while but we are finally having our first CO's Parade next Tuesday, December 01!

The virtual CO's Parade will be from 1800-1830 and will be hosted on GoToMeeting. Cadets will be receiving the invitation link by email. Please check your inboxes over the next few days.

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Hey 767! Virtual Training is on again tonight so make sure to join your level on Canvas to make sure you don't miss a thing! ...

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Remembrance Day is on November 11. Since we can not come together and pay respects in person, we will be posting a video instead. Look out on the 767 Dearman page tomorrow to see the video.

Lest We Forget

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Due to the recent updates to the local COVID-19 situation, In-Person Training is suspended until further notice. Training will still continue online via Canvas.

Information on In-Person training will be updated as we receive further instructions from the region.

Take care, and remember to wear your masks!

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Attention all Cadets!

There will be NO VIRTUAL TRAINING next Tuesday night (03 November 2020) as all staff and cadet instructors will be preparing for the start of In-Person Training.

In-Person Training is planned to start on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. More information about the In-Person Training policies and procedures will be posted in the near future.

Once again, if you have any concerns about attending In-Person Training, please contact your Level Instructors and Level Officer to discuss personally.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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The following Cadets check your parents and your email in the spam folder and inbox for your Annual validation form. It is overdue and must be returned by your parent/guardian's email to my official cadet email. Ronda.kelly@cadets.gc.ca by November 6th at 9pm.

***Failure to return the Annual Validation will result in membership termination.***

Lac Babs-Ishola
Lac Bounegru
Lac Castro
Lac Gill
Lac Khodjet Kesba
Lac Liu
Lac Nguyen
Lac Sandhawalia
Lac Singla
Lac Sivaloganathan
Lac Thabal
Lac Zhang
Cpl Choi
Cpl Cruz
Cpl Doshi
Cpl Ferrer
Cpl Garcia
Cpl Gill
Cpl Guo
Cpl Hamor
Cpl Lee
Cpl Li. K
Cpl Li. A
Cpl Luo
Cpl Quitaleg
Cpl Shaugnessy
Cpl Singla
Cpl Tan
Cpl Xia
Cpl Yu.K
Fcpl Badesha
Fcpl Cabral
Fcpl Heera
Fcpl Karunaharan
Fcpl Kim
Fcpl Nguyen T
Fcpl Nguyen M
Fcpl Sandhu Js
Fcpl Sandhu Jk
Fcpl Sanvictores
Fcpl Sivakumar
Fcpl Xia
Sgt Bae
Sgt Dhesi T
Sgt Dhesi D
Sgt Hundal
Sgt Kugathasan
Sgt Martinez
Sgt Sohn
Fsgt Im R
Fsgt Ismail
Fsgt Rehman

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The wearing of Cadet uniforms in only authorized:

a. When attending Virtual Training within your home, or
b. When attending In-Person Training

Unfortunately, this also applies to any Remembrance Day activities. No special permission will be granted this year.

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7 months ago

Update from the Commanding Officer of 767 Dearman RCACS on the COVID-19 outbreak and the 2020 Training Year.